Home Security Tips and Advice

Your house is one of the single biggest investments you may make in your life and ensuring the security of your home and possessions is of utmost importance in a day and age where opportunists and burglars will take any and every chance to benefit from your loss.

Basic house security should be at the top of your priority list. Unfortunately these days you can never be too careful and if you have valuable possessions or have a family, you will want to know that they are safe, whether you are at home or not. Improving your home security is based around making your house less of an attractive option to thieves and burglars. Any aspect of additional security that will hinder their progress as well as essentially make your house impenetrable will bring you extra security and therefore peace of mind.

Our home security tips are as follows:

Never take it for granted that you live in a “nice neighbourhood” and that you don’t know of any neighbours who have had their homes broken in to.

Ensure all doors are double locked when you leave your house. Doors with simple latches are very easy for burglars to break in to and double locking, dead bolts or chains are the only way to ensure your door cannot be opened in a matter of seconds.

Always close and if possible lock your windows when you go out, or also even whenever they are not in use.

Keep a spare set of house keys somewhere safe, e.g. with a trusted family member who lives locally in case you pop out and forget your keys. Never leave a set of keys in any supposedly hidden and safe place outside your home as this is certainly one of the things an opportunist is bound to come across.

If you have plans to go on holiday, see if you can arrange for a friend or family member to keep checks on your home and also ensure you cancel your milk or newspaper deliveries as papers mounting up at your door may be a sure hint that you are not in!

If you have valuables inside your home, consider investing in a safe for extra security.

Keep your home and contents insurance up to date.

Consider having a free no-obligation security review of your home to have a professional opinion on any potential weak areas in your home defenses. A locksmith may be able to also tell you about the best potential options to improve on your security that could cover alarms, bars, gates or grilles, bolts etc.